From the Board of Commissioners

Welcome to the Housing Authority of Union City.  As one of the leading Housing Authorities in the State of New Jersey, our Authority provides quality and affordable housing for many families.  Our staff consists of dedicated management and housing professionals.  The Authority continues to play a vital role in maintaining the health of our community by building strong public and private partnerships, maintaining a high standard of property management, and assisting low and moderate income families to move toward economic self-sufficiency by providing an atmosphere that promotes educational growth and family stability.

The Housing Authority has also established the following goals:

   - To be the best property owner in Union City

   - To utilize its resources in economical and efficient manner in meeting
      its goals and objectives

   - To provide the necessary services to allow its capable family residents
      to move to private market housing

   - To ensure that all residents reside in a safe and healthy environment

The Housing Authority of Union City strongly believes that public housing can be successful when it is rich in service, provides excellent maintenance and is careful in its tenant selection procedures.